Character Logo Design

Want to be noticed in a different light? Then a character logo design is just the thing for you! Great for businesses, graphics and marketing! Embed your character in your customers head!


Spread the Word Bird.

Character logo designs are different than normal logo designs. They involve… well… cool characters! Many people react GREAT to logos who have some sort of character in them. The impact a character logo design has on people is very powerful. When marketing, advertising and branding your business, you have to remember that it is extremely important that you represent yourself to the fullest. You need to have a Logo that not just matches your company and what you do, but a logo that engraves the image in peoples’ minds. You want someone to think of an green elephant for example, and immediately think of your company. You want someone to think of a purple gorilla and immediately your company comes to mind. Character logo designs affect customers in a different way than normal logos. They subconsciously take over a certain thing in the world and replace it in peoples’ minds with their company. If done the right way, it can be a very effective marketing tool.

Price: $147

Check out samples of our character logo designs HERE! Then contact us to get started with your unique character logo.

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