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Apps starting as low as $2,997!

Relizon Media Creates Mobile Apps on multiple platforms: Windows Mobile, iPhone, Google Android and Palm OS and more.
Over 91% of adults own a cell phone. The fact is… more people in have cell phones than toilets. Yes, that is true. Mobile Apps are one of the best ways to increase business, advertise, market, generate income, become extremely wealthy and much more.

Apps are very popular with business owners, App-ers (people who only develop apps to make money) and their customers. If you want to keep up with today’s fast moving marketplace and stay up to date. You need a Mobile App. They can quickly increase your revenue. Especially in today’s world Let Relizon Media develop your mobile app and take your business to the next level!

If you’re a business owner, you can benefit from a Mobile App in many ways:

– Build relationships worldwide and with extreme convenience
– Build loyalty worldwide and with extreme convenience
– Reinforce your brand worldwide and with extreme convenience
– Increase your visibility worldwide and with extreme convenience
– Increase your accessibility worldwide and with extreme convenience
– Avoid spam folders and be directly in your customers pocket
– Increase sales
– Added exposure worldwide and with extreme convenience
– The ability to connect you with consumers on the go.
– The generation of repeat sales, customers and business
– Increase all of you social networking worldwide and with extreme convenience
– Sell advertisement on your app and generate additional revenue
– The ability to send them push notifications and connect with them when YOU want
and tons of extra benefits!

How does it benefit your customers?

– Easy access to your inventory immediately, and with little to no effort
– With a push of one button, they have access to your contact information
– They receive immediate directions to any of your locations, no matter where they are
– Little effort appointment scheduling
– Auto records of their purchase, popular items, views and more
– Automatic reminders in regards to anything that has to do with your company
– Record your employees mileage, hours worked, work logs and much more
– Have the ease of your personalized QR code scanner
– Conduct free instant one-on-one chats
And tons of Extras!

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web

Mobile Apps are 10x faster than browsing the mobile web. It takes literally less than 1 second to touch a Mobile App. While the mobile web can take up to several Minutes.

Now don’t get us wrong. Mobile websites are very important too, and a must have for any company. But for many reasons, Mobile Apps are needed just as much, if not more.

– Mobile Apps can function offline and do not have to be connected to Wi-Fi
– Mobile Apps send push notifications that targets your exact market anytime you send one. Directly to their pocket, purse or belt clip.
– When having a Mobile App, your company is always visible on your customers cell phones screen. You always maintain a presence and give a constant remembrance of your company.
– Mobile Apps are in all App stores. Your online mobile compatible site has to be found online, browsing and by having good SEO marketing services.

Who else is doing this? And why?
Many big businesses started using Mobile Apps years ago. Business such as: EBay, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Gap and more. They started doing this because they knew right away the potential Apps had. What happened next? Small, medium and other large businesses immediately jumped the gun and started creating Mobile Apps for themselves. Everywhere from car dealerships, realtors, hair salons, massage companies, E-commerce sites, restaurants and thousands of more genres. The main question is… Why?
Because Mobile Apps are affordable, popular and effective sales tools.

So let Relizon Media design a Mobile App for your company today!
Connect, inform, build loyalty, advertise, generate business, and increase your revenue!
We won’t just develop you a Mobile App. We will also get it into stores and in front of the Mobile App world!

Our Apps start as low as $2,997

App Portfolio:

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VOICE Daily Deals

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Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss your Mobile App Vision and development with you!
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