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Have a website that is not converting? We will help you identify the problem! Let the professionals handle details of your website! The simplest errors could be hurting your sales!


Professional Website Analysis

Relizon Media offers an affordable and professional website analysis for only $77
If you currently have a website that is live, currently conducting business and is up and running. You want to make sure it is at its best, looking the best, has the best set up and is created properly to generate the right conversions. The littlest things matter in your website. Not many people know this. But luckily… we do.

We are here to help you with that.

Our professional website analysis will help you identify loose ends, poor set ups, error, how to have better conversions + more. And overall, is meant to benefit your company in the long run in general.

What is included?

-A full report to what we know needs to be changed to optimize your site, take it to the next level and to improve your company’s web presence over all in general.
-We will go through your site, read your content and dissect your content. From there, we will let you know what changes need to be made. Anywhere from word psychology, keywords and phrases, bold lettering, indentations, columns and more.
-We then go on your site and dissect the layout and navigation. Poor Layout and navigation can result in customers and potential clients going with your competition.
-Next, we dissect the color and organization of coloring. Color psychology means a lot. Different colors strike different moods, different moods then affect your sales. We let you know what colors to change, what colors need added, where to add them and where to take them away,
-Logo dissection. Your logo is what represents you. Your logo is what is embedded in your customers head for constant remembrance of your company. We dissect your logo, see if it is the right fit for you company and tell you if it needs altered for marketing and advertising purposes.
-Error Report. We run your website through our systems and let you know what errors we find on the technical side. This can be anything from dead links, bad programming, and many things that steer away search engines from finding you. Plus more.
Back-Link Research. We research what backlinks search engines pick up for your site, if any. Natural back links are extremely important and every website needs to have them. We tell you if you need them increased, placed somewhere else or if your search engine optimization is already in order. And what is the best seo packages available to help rank your website higher.
– We then send you a report on how we can help you.

Price: $77

Get your small business website professionally analyzed today!

We suggest deeply considering getting a professional website analysis and start increasing your web presence and conversions!

Contact us today and we can get started analyzing your website!

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